Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef


About Our Ranch

Our Family owned ranch consists of 800 acres located in the Caddo National Grasslands of North East Texas, only one mile from the Red River.  Our sandy loam & fertile loam soil make it ideal for growing high quality native grass (rye grass and clover).  Our ranch was never affected by the recent drought and produced an abundant supply of stored quality hay(oat, wheat, & rye grass).  

SouthCross is blessed to have numerous live water springs, which provide fresh clean drinking water.  Clean water is vitally important for the animals health and the quality meat they produce.  The water the animals drink is as important as the food they eat

At SouthCross we work hard to raise the best beef possible, beef that is both healthy and flavorful to eat.  We approach this goal in three ways:  Feeding only natural grass, providing a quiet stress-free environment, and raising a select breed of cattle.

We raise only Black Angus Beef.  Black Angus beef is the premium beef on the market.   They are noted for their marbled meat, making it juicy, tender and flavorful  Black Angus cattle finished on lush pasture grass produce an excellent beef that is in great demand both within the US and for export due to its distinctive flavor and renowned eating quality.  It commands a premium at all retail stores and restaurants



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